This year, Help us Haley has been providing high-quality specialist support for artists. They’ve been advocates for creatives both in Tyne & Wear and worldwide. Their work has raised salaries, developed grants, and backed projects that will leave a lasting impact both IRL and in Web3.

Previously operating as a physical company operating in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, they’ll be working as part of the DAO in their efforts to support as many artists as possible.

Help Us Haley has the members, the talent, and the ethos that matches what we’ve been building at BurritoDAO so far. With a little work, we’re sure that they’ll be a great fit for our vibes and together we’ll be the best community for artists ever.

Fu-sion, pah!

We see this acquisition not as a continuation of Help us Haley, but as a chance to develop our own services over time. After the dust has settled from this fusion, we’ll release more information about what support services BurritoDAO will be offering. Until then- peace!