Builder, creator, collector, community leader, all around great guy, Danil wears many hats and is undeniably one of the major backbones throughout the NFT space. He’s been one of the most vocal about supporting emerging creators, and his actions do nothing but reflect that. Whether it be building a community space where artists looking to get involved have found their beginning or showing love to creators who deserve more shine, Danil is one of the few people out there that are genuinely here for the people. His artwork is also undeniably his; you can look at one of his Skies and know immediately it’s his work, evoking such a calming and nostalgic feeling. We sat down to chat with him to hear a little bit more about what he’s done, what he’s building, his art, and everything in between.

What is your name/where are you based out of?

My name is Danil Pan, I’m based out of Washington State!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a 2D Land/Skyscape Artist, Poet, Collector, Co-Founder of the AGAH and Community Manager of Charged Particles. I’ve been in Crypto since 2017 and NFTs since 2019!

What is your main mediums/mediums you work in?

I work entirely digitally with Procreate!

How long have you been creating?

 I have been creating art since April 2020! But I have been writing since late 2019 for various game projects.

What are your inspirations behind your creations?

 My inspirations are varied but they typically are rooted in the human journey, emotion, introspection, harmony, spirituality, and fantasy. My artworks typically draw from one, many, or all of these important elements.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

My creative process starts typically with a certain idea or topic, then I play with various paints and colors to create the mood. Backgrounds, typically skies, are my favorite to start with and then I begin creating the focus of the piece. The intention is to create a beautifully cohesive artwork that is apparent in its process and presentation. Usually I write a piece of poetry or prose to complement the piece, but on rare occasions the poetry is stuck in my head first and I shape art around the poetry.

Where do you want to see your art going in the future?

I want to see my art reach new heights, with completely new evolutions and refined techniques. I’ve learned a lot over the course of 2 years but I want to keep growing as an artist. As for my art overall, I want to see my art reach the hands of some of my most favorite collectors and collections, as well as in the hands of some of my closest friends. Having my art in the right hands means everything to me!

What are you trying to express through your work? 

There’s honestly a lot that I try to express through my art. My art is meant to exemplify the best of humanity, emphasize the importance of introspection, and to romanticize many aspects of life and experience. At its core, my art is meant to be an internal and external dialogue, reminding myself of things I appreciate and take for granted, and inviting others to do the same.

Can you link one of your favourite pieces you’ve collected?

That’s SO TOUGH. I guess I’d go with this gem from ROBNESS. It’s his first digital signature 1/1

Can you tell us a little bit about the AGAH?

AGAH is an art auction house and community hub for all artists and collectors! I co-founded it in April 2020 with Ryan Wine. It’s an inclusive and welcoming environment for artists to chat, share art, and just hang out. I take immense pride in what we’ve accomplished and built together at AGAH. The folks we see there are some of the most genuine, creative, and talented I’ve ever met.

What are some of your goals in relation to this space?

My goal is the same as it has been for a long time now: I want to continue to push myself forward and build others up. I have an insane passion and dedication to this space for how much it has changed my life, and I wanna do the same for everyone I can help.

Are there any other projects you’re working with that you think people should be watching?

I definitely would say keep an eye on S K I E S / /, my personal generative project, which is something I will continue working on to build value. It’s a beautiful art project! I would also recommend keeping an eye on Cryptonom Pix (  and Immutable Imps ( which are 2 projects I’m working on! 

What do you think of the current art scene/NFT scene?

I think the current art scene is recoiling a bit from the highs of 2021 and we are seeing a critical period where artists need to keep refining their craft and pushing forward. It’s difficult to see the squeeze of emerging artists but determination is what will pay off. I’m not a huge fan of the overall NFT trends and economy which hopelessly fixates on short term gains and flipping.

Where would you like to see it going in the future?

Basically the opposite of what it is now, I wanna see actual creators and builders being rewarded and a rich ecosystem of these individuals and groups circulating value. Enough with the extractive shit.

Words of advice for people just beginning to create/experienced artists?

My advice is to experiment artistically and stylistically, connect with other artists, and focus on being constructive! It’s a critical time to not only work on yourself but to stand out, and the best way to do that is to be around folks who elevate you. Find good people you connect with personally, engage with them, and build together.

Any shoutouts to people?

Honestly, I wanna shout out absolutely everyone who has had my back, supported me, and been a friend to me. You all know who you are it would be extensive and exhausting to mention everyone individually, but shoutout to AGAH & the Cafe for being my family, Charged Particles for being an incredible work environment and kickass team, Inverse for the insights and discussion, my twitter fam for interacting with me all the time! Much loveee!