Interested in Joining Burrito?

Burrito DAO is an artist founded project by four friends who met each other in artistic communities online. Over the last year, we have added a variety of contributors to help us create a variety of impactful drops and events.

Burrito aims to help curate a combination of underground, breakthrough, and all star artists. Some you may already know and some have yet to be discovered.

We focus on artist led interviews, artist exhibitions, artist based products, and group collaborations. Get wrapped up and join us on our journey, you don’t want to miss what burrito has in store!


Contributors are the backbone of Burrito’s operation. These are the folks working to plan events, organize and produce our social media content, and administrate and organize Burrito! Contributors are onboarded on an Organizational Needs-Based Basis. The process is as follows:

  • Burrito admin identify an area for growth
  • Burrito posts about the role opening through our Twitter (and on this page)
  • Applicants apply to the role via the Interest Form
  • Burrito conducts an interview process
  • Final decision is made, and a new contributor is brought onto and integrated with the team!!

This process ensures that applicants to Burrito are serious about our goals and that we are well-aligned. Please note that all Burrito roles are unpaid and that applying or interviewing does not guarantee a position. Personnel selections are made based not only on how well you fit with the role, but how well you fit in with Burrito’s culture and people.


The core of Burrito are our artists. Being a Burrito artist means that you are eligible to participate in group drops, exhibitions, and events hosted by Burrito, as well as connecting you directly to a network of some of the most loved artists in web3. Artists are onboarded on a Vibes-Based Basis. Since not all artists are being onboarded for a Contributor role, it is incredibly important that they are well-aligned with the Burrito culture. To be considered for an artist role, you must be well-acquainted with and friends of a number of the artists on the current Burrito roster. This is to ensure that artists who are added can easily connect with all group members, and that the Burrito culture remains strong and unified. In order to be onboarded, Burrito Admin will reach out to add you to our roster of artists.

Current Openings:

We currently have no openings, but feel free to apply to be a general contributor based on your experience via the form below!