Artist Relations

We hope to blossom connections with artists & frens that we know within the space to help get them more spotlight in this fast moving space.



Gooberland is a collection of 1/1 characters called goobers that are just vibin in GooberLand looking to make new friends!

In GooberLand anything and everything is possible. It’s a weird place, it’s a fun place and there’s always something to get into. It’s filled with goofy goobers with big personalities.

There’s Shroomie goobs, spooky goobs, mystical goobs, evil goobs and more! You name it we’ve probably got it here in GooberLand 🤪


Colors & Shapes

A series of 200 1/1 hand drawn pieces created by Mew.

Wave 1 release date: (redacted)



24-Year-Old Arizona-based artist Emotionull has been building out a unique world called The Phettaverse. To get to the truth, you have to go to the Phettaverse, a place where the unknown expands and twists, where a dream state of truth and abstract freedom coexist. There are countless realities in the universe, each with its own set of rules. New personalities arrive daily thanks to the opening of portals that reveal ancient magic and alien power.


Ether Sprites


Outside Activities

Water Sports

We all need to get outside and be active during these times of lockdowns and degen activities. That is why we hope to in the future fund a water sports event where the DAO members can meet and maybe have a good ole time you know?